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3 Things Every Teen Should Do Before Summer Ends


things-teen-should-do-before-going-back-to-school Sometimes it feels like you blink and summer’s over. Soon there will be no more sleeping in, no more goofing off and no more pleasantly warm weather. Make every day count. In the last few weeks or days of summer, make a few pleasant memories to make sure your summer goes out with a bang. Call or text your friends and get to work having fun before most of your energy goes toward school and homework again.

Decorate Your Cars

Hummingbird Sticker You’ve heard of using washable marker to leave a message on a friend’s car for a birthday, a sports game, a dance or just for fun. Why not put car stickers all over a friend’s car instead? Stickers are affordable and reusable and are a fast, easy and damage-free way to turn a bland car into a car that’s really reflective of the driver’s personality. Add an animal sticker. Choose a sticker that celebrates a hobby. Or make you friend blush with something like a hot cowboy silhouette. Act in the night to give your friend a huge surprise in the morning — and then decorate all of your own cars, too.

Once you’ve decorated your cars, drive to someplace special with friends. It doesn’t have to be someplace that costs a lot of money or requires a lot of gas to get there, either. Hang out at a beach or park, or just gaze at the stars. Take pictures of everyone posing on and around your newly decorated car and share the memories on social media.

Tackle a Creative Project

A lot of teens want to write a song or complete a painting, but with so much else to catch your attention, you keep putting it off. Not anymore. Give yourself a creative project goal and use your extra free time in the summer to complete it. Choose a realistic goal — write a short story instead of a novel, for example, or a single song instead of an album — and then commit to your goal by working on it for a bit each day you have left in the season. Celebrate your accomplishment by adding to the sticker decorating you did on your car with friends; order a personalized sticker that tells the world you completed something special in the summer of this year.

Spend One Day Outdoors

Most of the year, the weather is either cold or rainy or you simply don’t have time to get outside and enjoy it. Make a promise to yourself to spend one day almost entirely outdoors, from the time you wake up until curfew. Bring the sunscreen, sunglasses and an oversized hat and drive your amazingly decorated car to an outdoor location. Or stay home and invite friends over, enjoying the fresh air in your backyard. Do fun outdoor things like playing sports or simply take your favorite activities with you outdoors. Reading a book or under the shade of a tree can be as refreshing on a warm summer day as a game of volleyball.

If any of your friends seems especially sad about summer ending, any one of these activities will brighten her day. And you don’t have to pass on all the fun once school starts up again. Little things like adding stickers to a friend’s car — stickers that really represent your friend’s unique personality — can prove a pick-me-up year-round.