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Breast Cancer Awareness Ribbon


custom-thick-pink-ribbon-1 Ribbons of all colors have become international symbols for diseases, disabilities, public health, or other issues. Usually these ribbons are looped and pinned to a shirt or somewhere they’re easily seen. By wearing a ribbon, regardless of the color, you are bringing awareness to a nationally recognized cause. There are over twenty five ribbon colors that all symbolize different causes or issues.

The ribbon can be represented in more ways than one. For example, in sticker form or photos of the ribbon can be just as effective as the physical ribbon. All ribbon colors symbolizing any cause you wish to support are available on Here you’ll find a custom text tool that allows you to enter your own words underneath the ribbon color of a disease or cause that may be affecting you and your loved ones. This option makes it possible for you to further customize the sticker to whom the disease may be affecting and possibly enter a phrase that is special to them in particular. Stickers help you raise awareness and by putting it on your car or wherever you please, you’re letting the whole world know you’re a supporter and a messenger of the disease.

October is nationally recognized as Breast Cancer awareness month. By being the leading cancer amongst women in the United States, there are numerous people affected both directly and indirectly that need support. Help spread the word with a pink ribbon car decal either customized or not. You can buy just one for yourself, or thousands for an event or fundraiser. Everyone will love these stickers because they’re meaningful and represent a cancer that so many women are fighting off today. The ribbon page has a large selection to ensure that you find the exact type of breast cancer awareness ribbon you’re looking for! Order yours today and join the fight against breast cancer.

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