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CarStickers.com Now Has Flex Cut Finishing!

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Flex Cut Finishing Are you ordering stickers with the intention of selling them to your customers? To include in order shipments? Or maybe just for your own personal use? Whatever your reason may be for ordering custom printed stickers, you will have two different options for how your stickers are finished – square cut or flex cut.

Square Cut Finishing

Square cut finishing is our standard finishing method and is included in the price of the stickers. With this method, the backing that your sticker is removed from will be cut to a square or rectangle shape. The sticker itself can still be an oval, circle, or die cut. Square cut finishing is a great option if you are ordering stickers for your own use as there is no additional cost for this method.

Flex Cut Finishing

With flex cut finishing, the backing that your sticker is removed from will be cut to the shape of your design. This method involves setting up an additional cut path that is a duplicate of the cut path for the sticker itself. The second cut path is created at a slightly larger size than the actual sticker. This creates a border between the edge of the sticker and the edge of the backing which makes it easier to peel your sticker off of the backing.

Flex cut finishing can be especially advantageous when you are ordering stickers with the intention of re-selling them as this method is more visually engaging and very professional looking. Because flex cut finishing is more labor and time-intensive than square cut finishing, the sticker price increases by 20%. However, as a retailer, you have control over the price the sticker will be sold for, making it very easy to cover the additional cost of flex cut finishing.