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Content Marketing and Car Stickers: A Success Story

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content-marketing Content marketing, otherwise known as native advertising and a variety of other names, is the hottest new thing in advertising strategy. Basically, it requires companies to forgo traditional forms of advertising (though not completely), like print ads or commercials, in favor of producing more valuable content that potential consumers enjoy and can actually benefit from.

The more famous examples of successful content marketing strategies include popular restaurant chain Chipotle’s new show “Farmed and Dangerous” and John Deere’s long-lived magazine for farmers entitled The Furrow.

Many companies are melding old and new advertising strategies to create content marketing in more mainstream places. Commercials that function like short television episodes are becoming wildly popular, as they grasp the attention of their audience and generate much-needed buzz.

If you are a business to business (B2B) company looking to break into content marketing, consider starting with an inexpensive and highly effective medium like business-oriented car stickers. Car advertising fits easily into budgets of any size, and they are highly customizable to your industry and products or services. You’ll be able to reach any member of a company — from lowly personal assistant to powerful executives in the C-suite — with your stickers, so you have the maximum chance of attracting leads. Plus, you’ll be able to change them quickly and easily as your marketing strategy develops. If you need some clues on how to couple content marketing and car stickers, here are some ideas to get your brain pumping.

Draw Your Audience in

All advertising should be eye-catching and interest-inducing, but not all advertising counts as valuable content for its audience. If you aren’t exactly sure how to provide benefit to your audience using a car sticker, opt instead to advertise methods of reaching your company’s valuable content using car advertising. Place URLs on all three sides of your vehicle (left, right and back) that will take viewers to your blog, or advertise the name of an app that will give your potential clients more information about your product and services. You can also attach QR codes to the windows to make your content easier to get to by smartphone users.

Use Your Space Fully

Cars provide a huge canvas with which to work, so you have plenty of space to talk about your industry, products and services. Car stickers can be as small as a decal in the back window, but if you are using your vehicle to draw attention to your company, you want to maximize your use and fill every inch with information. Here are some tips and tricks to fill advertising space with valuable content:

  • If your industry isn’t well-understood, like the tech industry, provide background information like what certain terms mean and why other businesses will benefit from your service.
  • You can exhibit your extensive knowledge in your subject area by providing some cursory tips and tricks that won’t detract from business; for example, if you are an office cleaning business, give tips to keeping a desk organized.
  • Content marketing doesn’t always have to be educational; give some humor to your fellow drivers by making jokes related to the products or services you provide.