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Cool Fundraising Ideas for Your Kid’s Sports Team

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cool-fundraising-ideas Sometimes kids need encouragement to participate in sports, and sometimes sports are the only thing a kid ever wants to do. No matter which category your kid falls into, they’re part of a team, and you need to support them every way you can. The trouble is that sports can be expensive. Uniforms, practice gear, and field rentals don’t come cheap, but if you want to keep your child’s sports team up and running (literally) you need to raise some funds. Here are the simplest ways to bring in some cash for your tyke’s team.

Sell Car Decals to Family and Friends

Merchandise is like a double-hitter for a sports team. First, the sale of merchandise frequently funds any teams’ expenditures, from professionals’ to little leagues’, but because kids’ sports games often are free and unticketed, merchandise can be one of the only ways these teams get revenue. Custom hats and jerseys are great, but they tend to be expensive to produce, and you’ll be hard-pressed to find people who want to sport clothing supporting a kids’ team no one knows.

Instead, car stickers are cheap and easy to get, and they are innocuous enough that plenty of people would be happy to stick on their cars to show their support. There are so many different designs of sports stickers to choose from, but if you can’t find one you like, you can easily customize one to your heart’s content. You can even get your child involved in selling the stickers to teach him or her valuable lessons in business management.

Get Sponsors

While it’s unlikely that Red Bull or Nike want to pay for space on your kid’s team jerseys, family members and friends are usually more than willing to cough up some cash to support your child’s endeavors. Just like you would rally sponsors for a 5k or marathon, ask your family, friends, and neighbors to donate a few bucks to help out your kids’ worthy cause.

To make the stakes more interesting, you can hold an event like a walk-a-thon or hit-a-thon related to your child’s sport of choice. Sponsors would contribute money for every basket made or base run, so kids would have more incentive to practice their sport to help out their team. There’s nothing like a challenge to encourage people to donate money.

Hold an Auction

Could there be a better option than fundraising and getting rid of old, unused junk at the same time? You can ask fellow team parents and kids to venture into their garages and closets to pull out those possessions they no longer need and want. Then, host a neighborhood or even city-wide auction of these items with all of the proceeds going to your kid’s team. The benefit of an auction is that prices can go much higher than you might expect; however, if you are unsure how to organize an auction or lack the time and energy to get one going, a yard sale could be just as effective at raising funds.