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Groovy Hippie Stickers and Decals

Collection of Hippie Stickers and Decals.

When we hear the word “hippie” we automatically think of peace signs, flowers, bell bottom jeans and the word groovy, but why is that? This culture and persona all started with a youth movement of counterculture in the 1960s. Hippies began in big cities like San Francisco and New York and eventually, the idea of a hippie had caught on and spread significantly! The word hippie comes from the word “hip” which is a term that has always meant fashionable, cool, up-to-date, etc.

Peace Sign Hippie Sticker

This idea of being cool and hip popularized the hippie culture and lead to music festivals like Woodstock Festival and Summer of Love! Hippies created their own communities, listened to psychedelic music, embraced the sexual revolution of the time, and were known to regularly use psychedelic drugs and marijuana to explore their altered states. Hippie fashions and values have had a major effect on our culture then and now! Hippie culture has influenced popular music, television, film, literature, and the arts. Hippie culture is still very much an aspect of our society today and this is why when we hear the word “hippie” we all have a very clear image in our heads of what that means to us, whether it’s a message of peace and love, a certain type of music, or a fashion statement!

Group of Hippie Stickers.

Visit carstickers.com and check out our new Hippie Stickers and Decals Category. We’ve added hundreds of new and improved designs to this category bursting with color and psychedelic creativity! They range from numerous designs of the peace sign, smiley faces, pot leaves, hippie vans, flowers, guitars, and anything else you can think of!

There are a few mottos that have been tied to hippies, “Don’t worry, be happy” and “Peace and love.” Both embody the classic ideals of the culture which have crossed over time and remained important to a lot of people and their lifestyles or way of life. If this is you, we have what you’re looking for! Scroll through our Hippie Stickers Category to find a plethora of decals of both of these sayings displayed in beautiful and unique designs. The hippie culture has shaped many aspects of our culture and continue to live on today! If you’re looking for a way to show the world your love for music, expression of fashion, and or a simple and happy way of life, we will have a decal that’s perfect for you!

Sunflower Hippie Sticker

Our long-lasting Hippie Car Stickers and Decals are easy to apply and made from thick, high quality vinyl intended for outdoor use. Our stickers and decals can be adjusted for desired features and colors and can adhere to glass, plaster, wood, tile, plastics, metal and any other non-greasy, smooth surface. Personalize the perfect Hippie car sticker or decal and order yours online today!