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How to Celebrate Your Club, Team or Organization Spirit

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celebrating-club-team Between school work, part-time jobs and responsibilities at home, too many high schoolers let their passions and talents get pushed aside. But there’s a lot of merit to exploring your interests while in high school. Some interests might prepare you for a future career, and your time in a student club, team or organization might prove a resume-booster or a great addition to your college application. This year, as you head back to school, join a team, club or organization and decorate your car with stickers to celebrate your group spirit.

The Icon

atom-example-sticker A baseball sticker for the baseball team players and managers. Legal scales for the members of the debate team. An atom for a chemistry club. There are stickers to represent virtually every club, organization and team you can join in school or via an after-school program. Choose an image or symbol of your group’s focus and order a sticker of that icon in the color of your choice. Having that sticker on your car window or bumper sets your car apart from the other vehicles in the parking lot and makes you feel like a more active member of your group.

The Custom Sticker

Proudly proclaim your allegiance to your group with a custom sticker with the group’s name, as well as other information like your school’s name or the community center at which you meet. Select an icon to go with the custom sticker or just focus on the words and order icon stickers to apply on other locations on your vehicle. You can also order a sticker with a quote that represents the work you do together or an inside joke that only you and the other members will get. Since custom stickers are so affordable, there’s really no limit to the amount of phrases and slogans you can print up.

The Group Photo

A group of friends and likeminded people getting together to do something they love is a perfect photo opportunity. Nearly every teen loves pictures, so you’re probably going to take a lot of pictures with your group, from the day of your first meeting to the day of a big game or meet to a day you volunteered to help in the community. Simply uploading these photos to social media isn’t enough to celebrate your passion for the group. Order a custom car sticker of your group photo. You can order it as big as a car’s hood or as small as a corner of your back window. Custom car stickers of photos you take of you and the group will remind you all year long just how much you love what it is you do together.

While still in high school, celebrate your interests. You’ll create wonderful memories and friends that will last for a lifetime. Once you’ve joined a club, organization or team, order custom car stickers for everyone in the group, so you can all decorate your vehicles to promote your group.