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Decorating Your Company Vehicle for Next to Nothing!

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Decorate company vehicle picture Whether you run a small online business out of your home or you employ several dozen people in a professional trade, a company vehicle is a good investment. Not only can the vehicle transport you to customers, but even if you don’t deal with customers directly, your vehicle will advertise your business whenever you go on errands or attend conventions. Small companies can’t typically afford a fancy custom paint job, though, and even larger ones are hesitant to spare unnecessary expense. Luckily, there are ways to customize a vehicle for your business without spending all your first quarter revenue.

Order Your Info in Sticker Form

image_556 Custom decals that affix directly to your vehicle’s surface can convey all the need-to-know information about your business, including company name, phone number, website and address as applicable. You could even order your company slogan in car sticker form.

Find an Image or Two

Words alone won’t draw people’s attention, so choose an image or two and order multiples of a sticker to put on the sides of your vehicles and perhaps the front and back, too. There are basic stock images available, such as house images for real estate agents, painter images for painters and mover images for those in the moving business. You can order a custom sticker featuring a photo of you and your employees in uniform for a truly eye-catching vehicle.

Custom Sun Shades

Whenever you park your car, slip a custom car shade into your front and back windows with all of your contact information. You can even get pull-down car shades that stick into the side windows while you’re driving. Since shades are cheaper than a permanent paint job, you can easily swap them out for new ones with different messages to match new promotions such as sales and product launches.

The U.S. Small Business Administration suggests small businesses spend no more than 3 to 5 percent of their budget on their initial marketing efforts and 2 to 3 percent on continuing marketing. That’s not a lot of money, especially if you devote the bulk to high yield marketing platforms, such as online advertising. However, you can decorate your company vehicle for far less than it would take to get a custom paint job with affordable stickers and sun shades so you can stay well within your marketing budget.