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The Wild World of Parking Permits

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wild-world-of-parking-permits You run an apartment complex with a parking lot or garage near a big university. Or, your company rents space in a building in a busy area of the city. No matter what you are or where you’re located, your parking spaces get filled by drivers with no business in your lot, and its impacting the people who really need those spaces. While you can put up as many “Restricted Parking” and “Tow-Away Zone” signs as you’d like, unless you have a registry of all allowed vehicles and a security team committed to checking license plates day in and day out, you aren’t going to make any real headway in keeping out the riffraff.

The easier solution is to issue parking permits to approved vehicles. Instead of a list of confusing numbers and letters, your security team needs only to check car windows for the right car sticker and move along, saving tons of time and money in the process.

Many sticker companies sell the same generic parking permits. This can cause trouble, when vehicles with similar permit stickers begin appearing in your lot and you have no way of knowing if they are actually permitted our not. Crafty drivers can snatch up standard-looking permits to adorn their windshields, granting them access to restricted lots and garages around the city. However, at CarStickers.com, you can make your permits totally unique. Here are a few of the ways you can customize your permit stickers and keep brigands out of your cherished spaces.

Add a Name

There’s no better way to make sure a car’s parking permit belongs to your lot than by adding the name of your apartment or business complex. You can even have varying degrees of specification among your permits — for example, if you share your lot with several businesses, draft different permits with the different business names. That way, you can section off the lot for each company and make sure everyone has enough space to park. Meanwhile, parking thieves won’t be able to easily replicate your unique permits and will have to find somewhere else to leave their vehicles.

Use a Logo

If you don’t want to give too much away about the business that uses the lot — or if you want to celebrate your ingenious visual branding — you can use your company logo instead of any words or names. Logos tend to be more visually appealing than words, so your employees or tenants may be more willing to apply permits with logos to their vehicles than other permits. The logo allows the bearer of the permit to company pride and loyalty in a fashionable way.

Change the Shape, Color, and Size

To make your permit more visible to your security team, experiment with permits that stand out on vehicles. Instead of the standard rectangle, you can use ovals or circles to demarcate accepted cars from forbidden ones. Try out a flashy, eye-catching color like bright yellow or red, or keep with your company theme with corporate colors that work with your logo. There are so many variations you can make to your permits, there’s no way parking thieves will be able to weasel their way into your spaces.