What is the difference between a sticker and a decal?


Man looking at computer confused about the difference between a sticker and a decal.

Many people are confused about the differences between stickers and decals. The truth is, they’re the same! All decals are stickers. In the past, stickers have typically been placed on a paper backing and made into sheets with other stickers and or individually. Now, they can be made from several materials including pet and vinyl making them more durable for outdoor usage. By utilizing a vinyl base, which is a high end and better quality material, they can last in outdoor conditions as well as in a more long term situations.

At Carstickers.com our stickers and decals are outdoor durable and can be used on all surfaces, including: laptops, water bottles, cars, and any other smooth surface you’d like to decorate with your stickers! Best of all they are easy to remove and do not leave any adhesive residue behind.

Stickers are a fun and easy way to express your personal style and decorate anything you can imagine temporarily or without a permanent change. Custom decals make statements and tell people your interests or qualities of your personalities in a colorful and eye catching way.

The first postage stamp.

Many believe that the first stickers were created by the Egyptians to advertise products and their pricing at the marketplaces. Although these wouldn’t be the stickers and or decals that we imagine today, they could have been the first to create the idea of a sticker.

A more modern and relatable sticker was created by Sir Rowland Hill in 1839, we know it as a postage stamp! He was the first to actually create an adhesive paper without it needing to be glued or secured to a surface. It’s amazing how something so little and somewhat insignificant seeming, is actually such a large part of our lives!

Bumper Sticker.

Bumper stickers made their appearance around the 1940’s following World War 2. This was the transition from labels and organizational pieces to real ways of expression and a portal for opinions and personal beliefs to be portrayed in such a controversial time. These were in the hands of the pubic and being used to promote strong feelings and express qualities/beliefs that made the people who they were. Following this new trend, stickers and decals became an obvious choice when wanting something to share about yourself that isn’t necessarily permanent but makes just as much of a statement or lasting memory in a fun way.

Stickers aren’t just used for decoration or as an accessory, there are many stickers that have useful and very necessary jobs, such as the postage stamp. Everywhere we look there are stickers and decals! They’ll never lose their charm, appeal, or noticeability. People of all ages and genders love stickers because of their ability to express and adapt. When we think “stickers and decals” the words fun, captivating, and creative come to mind! They’ve been around so long for a reason, and who knew they had such an interesting history?

A laptop with many stickers on it's cover.

Whether you are looking for stickers and decals made with your custom design or wanting to find some cute premade designs we have what you are looking for. Stop by and browse our site our give us a call.