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Skunk Car Stickers and Decals

You won’t have to worry about getting sprayed by these skunks. Get cool-looking skunk stickers and car decals here; with several designs to choose from. All stickers are made with high quality, long-lasting material.

Skunk Car Stickers and Decals

Most people have the common sense to avoid a skunk when they see one, even if they are quite beautiful creatures with their long black and white fur. However, if you happen to come across a skunk and see it turn, stick its tail up and start hissing and stomping its feet then you should probably run. A skunk can spray its smelly substance up to ten feet so you had better keep your distance.

When most people think of skunks they simply think of their smell but they are actually pretty interesting animals. Did you know skunks often attack bee hives to munch on honeybees? They are also quite quick on their feet, running up to 10 miles per hour. But whatever reason that you find skunks to be interesting, we have some pretty great skunk stickers that you’ll love.

If you are looking for skunk stickers or decals then you’ve definitely come to the right place. We have several designs to choose from and you can customize them with different colors, sizes and even add in your own text. Just select your preferred design and personalize it as desired. The stickers can be used both inside and outside and in any weather condition.