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Rose Flower Stickers

Car Stickers offers over 30 different rose decal designs. Enjoy the beauty of this elegant, resilient flower anywhere you go with a rose sticker.

Rose Car Flower Stickers & Decals

A truly fascinating flower, the rose has been viewed as the ultimate symbol of love and affection for thousands of years. It is typically the go-to flower for romance even today but is also used as a display of sadness or loss. What makes roses so interesting though, is that they are very resilient flowers that can live for hundreds of years – one rose bush has survived for over a thousand years!

While roses are typically used for decorative reasons or as a gift, they have also been used for medical purposes and even for flavoring and fragrances. The fruit of a rose, rose hip, is commonly used in teas, flavorings, jelly or marmalade, and as a supplement. Roses are truly one of the most popular flowers in the world and have been sung about, written about, and have been featured in numerous artistic and architectural designs.

There are definitely a number of reasons to love roses and for those of you who do this is the perfect category for you. We have over 30 unique rose sticker and decal designs available. There are simple, single color, rose designs as well as more intricate and detailed rose decals and sticker designs available. You can also personalize your rose flower sticker or car decal by adding a personal message or saying and then customizing the color and size before ordering.