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Thanksgiving Stickers

Celebrate Thanksgiving Day with our customizable stickers and decals! We offer several Thanksgiving-themed designs where you can add a personal touch.

Thanksgiving Day Car Stickers & Decals

A holiday know for eating turkey, spending time with family, and being thankful for the things we have, Thanksgiving is one of the most popular holidays in the United States. It celebrates the pilgrims coming to America and being welcomed by the local Native Americans that helped the pilgrims survive by teaching them how to hunt and grow crops.

Most of us associate Thanksgiving Day with eating turkey. In fact, Americans eat more than 45 million turkeys during Thanksgiving. It’s also very common to decorate your home or cars with fall or autumn themes and decorations. For those of you planning to decorate your home or office for Thanksgiving, you’ll find our Thanksgiving Day stickers and decals perfect for the occasion.

Our Thanksgiving-themed sticker designs are also customizable so you can add your own custom text or other clip art to personalize each sticker. The Thanksgiving decals are made for both indoor and outdoor use so you can apply them practically anywhere as long as it’s a clean, smooth surface. They are easy to apply and remove when needed.