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Holiday & Special Occasions Stickers and Decals

Looking for stickers or decals for a special occasion like a wedding or maybe for a holiday? We have stickers and decals for them all. Shop online.

Holiday & Special Occasions Stickers

From Valentine’s Day to New Years throughout the year we celebrate a number of holidays and special occasions. Some of them are religious in nature, like Christmas and Hanukkah. Some are personal, like weddings and birthdays. And, of course, we have our holidays that focus heavily on grilling, drinking and having a good time. Whatever the occasion, we have a number of various stickers and decals for them all.

All of our stickers can be applied for temporary use during the relevant holiday or you can keep them on indefinitely – some people just really like snowflakes, even year round. Share your passion of your favorite holiday or the happiness of a wedding with our special occasion stickers and decals. Put them on your car, in your windows at home or any other smooth surface. They’ll stay on until you’re ready to take them down and they won’t leave any residue behind.

Can’t find the right sticker for your special occasion or holiday festivities? You can upload your own image and customize it and we’ll print it out for you as a custom sticker or decal. All of our stickers can be purchased separately or in bulk orders and we’ll ship it to you for free in the US.