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Praying Mantis Car Stickers and Decals

Our customizable Praying Mantis car stickers and decals are made from high-quality material and are available in a variety of sizes and colors! Get yours today!

Praying Mantis Car Stickers & Decals

If your sports team mascot has to be an insect you’d want it to be a praying mantis. They are one of the most ferocious of insects out there and avid hunters. They are vicious predators that attack insects and other animals including small birds. If they were any larger they would be quite the threatening creature. Praying mantises are great at camouflaging themselves while lying in wait to attack their prey.

The unique fighting style of the praying mantis has inspired some forms of martial arts and there have even been myths about them having supernatural powers. But whether you admire them for their fighting ability or simply need praying mantis stickers for an art project, you’ll find all the best stickers here. They are perfect as a decal or for use as a wall decoration.

Our praying mantis stickers are also fully customizable to fit your needs. Whether you need to add your own custom text or even accompanying clip art, you can do so using our online design tool. The praying mantis stickers and decals are made with high quality vinyl material that can be used both indoors and outdoors. They are easy to apply and won’t damage car paint or other surfaces.