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How to Show Off Your Political Party Pride With Humor

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political-party-stickers In “polite society,” politics is one of the most taboo topics of conversation. However, simply brushing the issue under the rug does nothing to enact change in our country or win people over to the causes you believe in most. If politics are your passion and you can stand the heat of the debate, you can have a lot of fun showing off your political pride via humor. Remember that people who disagree with you aren’t your enemies — just people with different ideas who still love their nation.

Wear Political Clothing

The more casual the setting, the more room you have to wear clothing with political humor on it. Find t-shirts, hats, sweatshirts and even scarves with political drawings or jokes on them or custom order some of your own. Wear them to family gatherings, outdoor picnics, ball games and any other places you might find people who are in on the joke. There are a few occasions when the old rule of leaving politics at the door might apply, formal events like weddings and work functions, but otherwise, let your political passions fly. Just be sure to get ready to turn some heads.

Apply Political Joke Car Stickers

political-bumper-sticker You don’t have to wear your political heart on your sleeve, but you can shout it out wherever you go with car stickers. Political bumper stickers are the classic way to spread a joke, but you don’t even have to limit yourself to written text. Buy a sticker of a political figure’s face to show your support for him or her — or of that political figure’s face with devil horns to show what you really think about the politician. If you don’t feel comfortable talking about politics with people who might disagree — and in some cases, like at work, you might be forbidden to — you can at least feel like you’re part of a “secret club” when you let your true feelings fly on your car.

Memorize Ice-Breaking Jokes

Wearing political clothing and applying political stickers on your car is one thing — you sort of dare people to talk to you about it, whether they agree or disagree. But if you’re drawn into a conversation about politics, rather than letting you and the other person get mad, have a bunch of political jokes ready to tell anyone who’ll listen. Jokes can not only break the ice when you’re having trouble speaking to people, but they can also break the tension when things are getting too heated. Be fair and think of a few jokes that poke fun at the weaknesses of your party of choice, too, and you’re more likely to get the other person to smile.

When you decide to approach politics with humor, you may encounter people who get the joke and laugh with you, or you may step on a few toes. It’s a risk you take, but more people could benefit from your levity. Decide on your comfort level when it comes to sharing political jokes and try to inject a little humor into a usually too-serious topic.