Frequently Asked Questions

-What type of material should I print my sticker on?
-Are cars the only things I can apply the stickers to?
-How do I apply the stickers?
-How long does it take to get the stickers?
-How big are the stickers?
-How do I remove the stickers if I want to?
-Can I peel the sticker off and use it again?
-How do I reorder a previous order?
-What is lamination?
-What is a 'Gang-Run' and why don't you accept them?
-What is the difference between Square-Cut Finishing and Flex-Cut Finishing?

Image Quality
-What is DPI or PPI?
-Images downloaded from the Internet
-Raster art vs. Vector art
-Get your artwork vectorized
-What does "print ready" artwork mean?

Cut Out Stickers
-What is a cut out sticker?
-Can I order multi-color cut out stickers on glitter or reflective vinyl?
-Cut out sticker guidelines
-Measuring a cut out sticker
-Cut out picks pricing guide
-Counting picks on a cut out sticker
-How does Transfer Tape work?
-Why does my Transfer Sticker have bubbles or creases in it?

Car Magnets
-Why do large magnets have rounded corners?
-Why should I clean my car door magnet every day?
-Is a car door magnet safe to take through the car wash?

Shipping Info
-How long does it take?


-Epson Printer
-Summa Cutter


General Questions

Q- What type of material should I print my sticker on?
A- Our most popular material is White Vinyl. For a detailed list of our material types visit our Materials Page.

Q- Are cars the only things I can apply the stickers to?
A- Absolutely not! You can apply our stickers to any smooth surface. Some great places are: cars, trucks, boats, r.v.'s, motorcycles, skateboards, bicycles, helmets, trapper keepers and much more!

Q- How do I apply the stickers?
A- We have a comprehensive set of instructions on our Applications Instructions page and a set of these instructions will be mailed with each sticker order. Stickers should be applied to the outside of the car.

Q- How long does it take to get the stickers?
A- All of our stickers are custom made, so most orders are processed and shipped within 5-7 business days. Production time for bulk orders is based on the quantity ordered. If you live outside the United States please allow 2 to 6 weeks for delivery, depending on customs and your chosen shipping method.

Q- How big are the stickers?
A- Sticker size varies with each sticker. Most of our stickers are available in three sizes. Each stickers sizes is displayed in the description next to the sticker in the shopping cart.

Q- How do I remove the stickers if I want to?
A- Heat the area where the sticker is with a blow dryer and just peel the sticker back off. If there is any sticker adhesive still left on the window just clean it off with window cleaner. If the sticker was on the car paint then just buff the area with car wax.

Q- Can I peel the sticker off and use it again?
A- No, once you've applied the sticker you can not use it again. Once the sticker is removed you will have to throw it away.

Q- How do I reorder a previous order?
A- Reordering stickers from a previous order is easy. Simply login to your account using the "Your Account" button to the right of the search bar. Once you are logged in, click on the "Re-Order" button to reveal your previous orders. Locate the order you would like to reorder in the Order History/Reorders tab and simply press the green "ReOrder" button. This will place all the items from your previous order into your current shopping cart. Simply adjust the quantity from there.

Q- What is lamination?
A- Lamination is an optional extra layer applied to the top of printed stickers that is scratch and acid-rain resistant and will increase the lifespan of your sticker by 1-3 years. It offers a high level of UV protection and protects the sticker from moisture and abrasion. Lamination will also alter the finish of the sticker, making it either glossy or matte in appearance.

Q- What is a 'Gang-Run' and why don't you accept them?
A- 'Gang-run' printing is described as a printing method in which multiple printing projects or designs are placed on a common sheet in an effort to reduce printing costs. does not currently allow gang-runs on our custom stickers. We offer a competitive pricing structure with discounts for ordering multiple stickers. This makes gang-runs unnecessary and saves our customers from needing to cut or pick their own stickers.

Q- What is the difference between Square-Cut Finishing and Flex-Cut Finishing?
A- With Square Cut finishing, the backing that you remove your sticker from will be cut to a square or rectangle.
With Flex Cut Finishing, the backing that you remove your sticker from will be cut to the shape of your design. This option increases the price by 20%.

Finishing Examples


Image Quality

What is DPI or PPI?
DPI refers to Dots Per Inch in printing. The more dots you can input per square inch of material the higher quality printing you will see visually. PPI refers to Pixels Per Inch and is more commonly used on computers, but still refers to the quality of an image per physical inch. DPI and PPI are also commonly referred to as resolution. Images that use pixels, or dots, like this are known as raster images. Each tiny pixel is assigned a color and all the pixels together make up an entire image. The most commonly seen raster images are through digital cameras, scanners and monitors.

Because the resolution is directly related to the physical size of the image, if you take an image that is 1" x 1" at 300 dots per inch and then you scale up your image to 2" x 2" your dots in that inch just got spread over 2 inches, so 300dpi becomes 150dpi.

Internet Images
When viewing images on the internet you see them through a browser that only displays the images at 72dpi. If you download these images for print you are using a low resolution image at a small size. If it is scaled up, the 72dpi goes down to a lower resolution proportionately to how much it's scaled. This results in poor looking printed materials.

300 dots per inch 72 dots per inch then enlarged
300 dpi 72 dpi
300 dots per inch 72 dots per inch then enlarged
300 dpi 72 dpi
    Preferred File Types
  1. .AI (Adobe Illustrator file)*
  2. .EPS (Encapsulated Postscript file)*
  3. .PDF (Portable Document Format)*
  4. .CDR (Corel Draw Format)*
  5. .PSD (Adobe Photoshop file)*
  6. .TIF (Tagged Image file)*
  7. .JPG (Joint Photography Experts Group file)*
*The above file types marked in blue are VECTOR type files
*The above file types marked in red are RASTER type files

Vector vs Raster
One way designers get around being stuck with one size is to design in vector art programs (typically Adobe Illustrator and Corel Draw). Vector art programs use paths and shapes instead of pixels (Raster images) to determine shape and color. These shapes and paths can be enlarged and are not dependant to a pixel size, so their quality remains intact when sized. Typically people use vector programs to create logos and text, but are popular amongst designers because of their friendliness towards scalability. Click Here to find out about getting YOUR artwork vectorized.

Print Ready
Print ready artwork means exactly what it says...Is your artwork ready to print at the SIZE and QUALITY you want? Looking at what we've discussed above about DPI and SIZE and how they are related, does the image you are submitting fall into what the printer needs to make a high quality sticker for you? Here at we can print up to 720dpi in full color, but if you have your image at 300dpi and at the size you want output or if you have true vector art then we should be able to reproduce what you need.


Cut Out Stickers

What is a cut out sticker?

A cut out sticker is created by cutting sticker material to a shape, graphic or text. Cut out stickers are not printed on, but they may have multiple layers of different colors and materials. Please contact us for a quote if you're interested in a multi layered cut out sticker.

Can I order multi-color cut out stickers on glitter or reflective vinyl?

Yes! You can select specialty vinyl materials for multi-color cut out stickers. Please note, though, that larger sizes and simpler, thicker fonts will work better when using specialty materials. We cannot guarantee what size and font will work but we are willing to try any design you submit.

Cut Out Sticker Guidelines
  1. Each line of text must be at least .25 inches tall.
  2. Cut out stickers should be measured by the overall width multiplied by the overall height. See the illustration below to learn more about measuring cut out stickers
  3. Strokes, line weights and art elements should be at least .0625 inches thick.
  4. An additional charge may apply if your uploaded artwork has more than 20 pick. See the illustration and pricing below to learn more about counting picks
  5. If you would like a proof before your sticker goes into production, you may ask us for one in the special instructions box.
  6. Click here to view application instructions for cut out stickers
Measuring A Cut Out Sticker

Cut out stickers are measured by the outer most points on the sticker. Multiply the width by the height to get the square inches of your sticker.

Measuring Cut Out Stickers Cut Out Picks Pricing Guide

The majority of the stickers we make have 20 or less picks. If your custom sticker has a lot of picks, we will contact you for an additional charge. If your image has over 20 picks and you would like to count the picks yourself, you can click here and add it to your order. Make sure to add the same quantity as the stickers that are being made.

Picks Price(each sticker)
0-20 Free
21-30 $0.25
31-40 $0.50
41-50 $0.75
51-60 $1.00
61-70 $1.25
71-80 $1.50
81-90 $1.75
91-100 $2.00

Counting Picks On A Cut Out Sticker

Cut out stickers have to have material manually picked out from enclosed spaces such as letters like "O" and "P". The cutting machine that makes the sticker cuts the material, but does not remove it. A Car Sticker employee will then take a special set of tweezers and remove the material by hand.

How does Transfer Tape work?

Transfer tape, also known as application tape, makes applying a cut-out sticker easy. It is called transfer tape because it transfers your cut vinyl graphics from the backing to the sticker's final location. uses a transfer tape made from a transparent plastic film, which makes installation easier because the installer can see exactly where the decal will be placed before application.

Transfer Tape Example

Removing Bubbles From Your Transfer Sticker

It is not uncommon for the transfer tape to separate slightly from the sticker backing in a few places during shipping. This is normal and easy to fix. Simply pull the transfer tape away from the backing about halfway across the sticker. Then replace it slowly, smoothing the area with the flat part of your hand from the middle of the sticker out to the edge. Then repeat this process on the remaining side.

For a demonstration, please watch the video below


Car Magnets

Why do large car magnets have rounded corners?
The first place that magnetic signs can have a problem adhering to a vehicle is the corners. Over time the corners may "flag up" creating the possibility for air and water to get underneath and therefore causing the magnet to not adhere well. Rounding the corners helps prevent this problem.

Why should I clean my car door magnet every day?
Magnetic vinyls can cause permanent damage to painted surfaces unless properly maintained, which includes daily removal. Please visit the Car Magnet Cleaning Instructions page for magnetic cleaning and care instructions.

Is a car door magnet safe to take through the car wash?
Although the magnets are weatherproof, we recommend removing car door magnets before entering a car wash. The water pressure and brushes can be strong enough to remove the magnets from your vehicle.



Shipping within the United States:
We ship our packages using the United States Postal Service or UPS. For orders shipped with USPS, we will choose first class mail or priority mail depending on the order amount or location . Most orders are processed and shipped within 5-7 business days. Production time for bulk orders is based on the quantity ordered.

Shipping to All Other Countries:
DHL, International First Class, or Priority Mail: 2 to 6 weeks (depending on shipping service and customs)



Sizing Policy
Stickers that are sized at 1.25" or smaller will be shipped in strips or on sheets.
On the occasion that a customer’s design does not match the dimensions of the sticker ordered, our policy is to adjust the dimensions of the sticker to match the dimensions of the design. For example, if a customer uploads a 10”x5” design, but orders a 10”x10” sticker, we will make the sticker as a 10”x5” and refund the difference. We will not stretch or distort your design.

Return Policy
All of our stickers are custom made and therefore cannot be returned for reasons unrelated to quality issues or production errors. For example, we cannot refund or accept a return if you ordered the incorrect size or color. We stand behind our products and pride ourselves on outstanding customer service. If there is a problem with your order, please email a photograph to so we can address the issue accordingly. Although we reserve the right to refuse a refund request if it does not comply with our policy, feel free to call us to discuss any issue you have within 60 days of your purchase.

Payment Policy
We accept VISA, MASTERCARD, DISCOVER, AMERICAN EXPRESS, and PAYPAL. If you want to pay with a PREPAID GIFT CARD or CHECK you will need to do so through PayPal. We do not accept personal checks in the mail.

Privacy Policy: takes privacy very seriously. To help ensure your privacy, we use the most up-to-date encryption technology to keep your personal information as secure as possible. This includes your billing, credit card, and account information; none of this can be read as it travels to our system.

We do not sell, trade, or otherwise share your personal information, such as name, email address, physical address, phone numbers, buying history, etc. You do not have to worry about receiving unsolicited email from other companies or individuals as a result of shopping with us. We do, on occasion, send out an email announcement to inform our customers when we add new items or offer sales or discounts on our website; once again, those email addresses are not shared with anyone else.

If you have any questions regarding our privacy notice, please contact us at




Our Equipment

Epson GS6000 Sticker & Decal Printer
Epson GS6000 Sticker and Decal PrinterDesigned to exceed all print quality expectations, the Epson Stylus Pro GS6000 is also the fastest 64-inch wide, roll-to-roll printer in its class. This machine has a less harmful impact on both the environment and worker health, while also being compatible with a large variety of medias.

Inspired by passion for extreme color gamut and photographic print quality, Epson UltraChrome® GS Ink technology introduces eight individual colors, including an all-new Orange and Green. UltraChrome GS Ink technology is a high-performance, solvent-based ink technology with stunning color gamut and accuracy, with less impact on the environment.

Imagine your prints with amazing color fidelity and accuracy. No matter the job this machine can handle the most demanding vehicle wrap or decorative fine art project. And, can produce stunning outdoor banners, signs, stickers and decals.

Summa Sticker and Decal Cutter
Summa Sticker and Decal CutterSince the dawn of computer-aided sign making, Summa cutters have had a worldwide reputation for reliability, innovation, and outstanding performance - all with a tracking accuracy that is second to none.

Designed specifically for high-volume cutting of vinyl, reflective, sand-blast resist and precision contour cut labels, this cutter offers unparalleled performance and abilities. Incorporated in this machine is the latest generation technology. Key attributes include cutting-edge internal electronics, such as Altera 64-bit processors, 16-megabytes of processing and replot RAM, three powerful digital servomotors, and the third generation of the legendary contour cutting alignment system, OPOS™ X. The advanced features, pinpoint precision, and rock-solid durability.