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Custom Reflective Aluminum Signs

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Like common Stop signs, reflective signs are designed to be seen at night and warn or inform. Made with high-quality 3M aluminum (12"x18"). Add your own custom design or upload an image to get started.

Custom Reflective Signs
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Custom Reflective Signs
Reflective Aluminum Road Signs
Reflective Parking Signs
Custom Reflective Metal Signs
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Custom Reflective Signs

Custom Reflective Aluminum Signs

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Reflective Aluminum Sign

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About the Reflective Aluminum Signs

Custom printed reflective aluminum metal signs are a durable and high-visibility option for a variety of applications. Measuring 12"x18", these signs are ideal for use as parking signs, street and road signs, and warning signs. Reflective aluminum allows the signs to be easily seen at night or in low light conditions, making them a useful tool for ensuring the safety of pedestrians and drivers. They are also weather resistant, making them suitable for use outdoors in any type of weather.

In addition to their practical uses, these reflective metal signs are made from high-quality 3M aluminum, giving them a professional look and feel. Suitable for a wide range of businesses and organizations, they can be used to display company logos and branding, as well as important information such as safety instructions or directions. Whether you need to clearly mark parking spots, identify a building or location, or alert people to potential hazards, custom reflective aluminum metal signs are a reliable and effective solution.

• Sign width: 12”
• Sign height: 18”
• Sign thickness: 3mm (approximately 1/8”)
• Sign weight: 3lbs

Custom Reflective Aluminum Signs

Frequently Asked Questions


Do aluminum signs come with rounded corners?

Yes, the corners of our custom aluminum signs are rounded.

Do aluminum signs come with holes pre-drilled into them?

No. Since we leave the installation of our products up to the customer, we do not drill holes in the aluminum signs ourselves.

Can I print on both sides of the aluminum signs?

Our aluminum signs are intended for single-sided printing.

How should I mount my aluminum sign to the wall?

How to mount your aluminum sign will depend on the application. We recommend searching online for how to mount an aluminum sign to your specific surface.

What should I use to clean my aluminum sign?

An all-purpose cleaner or glass cleaner, along with a microfiber cloth, work well for cleaning these signs.

Best Practices For Uploading A Graphic


Uploading an existing image or design to create a custom sticker is easy! However, there are some common issues with uploaded files that can hold up the production process. Below are a list of best practices for uploaded files that can help you avoid delays in receiving your order.

Embed Images/Files

When you place an image or file into your illustrator document, make sure the file is embedded. With the placed file selected, you can see whether the image is Linked or Embedded in the top left corner of the document.

Outline Fonts

After you’ve designed your sticker in Illustrator or other design software, make sure that your fonts are outlined. When artwork is submitted without outlined text, we may not have the fonts needed to print your design as you created it.

White Stickers

If you are ordering a sticker where the only color in the design is white, you can choose from a white transfer sticker or a clear vinyl sticker with the design printed in white. Transfer stickers have the design cut out of a piece of white vinyl and then have the background elements removed. Clear vinyl stickers have the design printed in an opaque, white ink and can either be die cut around the shape of your design or cut to a standard shape, such as a circle, square, or oval.

**In some cases, where a transfer sticker is too small to cut, we may recommend changing to a sticker printed on clear vinyl.

Cut Paths On Sticker Sheets

While ordering a sticker sheet, cut paths are signified by a 1 pt. stroke around your artwork. The stroke must be a spot color with the name “CutContour." For detailed instructions on how to add cut paths to your artwork in Adobe Illustrator, please view this short tutorial video.

If you would like a sticker sheet, but don’t want to worry about setting up your own cut paths, simply select the “I need cut paths” option.

Submitting Transfer Sticker Artwork As A Black Image

We often receive white artwork on a black background from customers who want to purchase a white transfer sticker. Please submit your artwork as a black image on a white background. Once you upload your file you will be able to select the color of your sticker.

Transfer Sticker File Types
Preferred Files Not Preferred Files Do Not Submit
.EPS .JPG MS Office Files

You can check your file type by looking at the extension at the end of your file name. Example: transfer_sticker_file.eps

Printed Sticker File Types
Preferred Files Not Preferred Files Do Not Submit
.EPS .TIF MS Office Files
.AI .CDR  

Are aluminum signs susceptible to rust?

No, being made of aluminum, these signs will not rust, even when exposed to damp conditions.

Raster art vs. Vector art


One way designers get around being stuck with one size is to design in vector art programs (typically Adobe Illustrator and Corel Draw). Vector art programs use paths and shapes instead of pixels (Raster images) to determine shape and color. These shapes and paths can be enlarged and are not dependent to a pixel size, so their quality remains intact when sized. Typically people use vector programs to create logos and text, but are popular amongst designers because of their friendliness towards scalability. Visit our vectorization to find out about getting YOUR artwork vectorized.

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