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Band Aid Bandage Magnets

Is your car dented or scratched? Patch it up in a fun, humorous way with our custom size band aid magnets to give it some character until it is repaired!

Band Aid & Bandage magnets

There are many applications for band aid magnets but the most popular use is as a humorous way to cover up a scratch or dent. And hey, it’ll cost a lot less than the repair would, although most people tend to use the cover-up as a temporary solution until they can get around to repairing the damage. Either way, these custom size car band air magnets are fun and silly and can give your vehicle a bit of character.

We have dozens of different band aid magnets available and they come in all different shapes, sizes and colors. All of our magnets are made out of durable 20 mil magnet material that is weather resistant and can be applied to your vehicle without damaging the paint.

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