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Country Flag Magnets

Looking for a magnet that features your home country’s flag? We have hundreds of country flags available to choose from as magnets for your car or home.

Country Flag Magnets

There are nearly 200 countries in the world today, some are small and others are very large. If you have left your home country but are proud to call it your home, then you’ll love our country flag magnets. We have country flag magnets from over 180 different countries and likely have your country’s flag as well. They are a great way to show your patriotism for your country or simply to show your pride in where you’re from.

Do you enjoy traveling to different countries around the world? Our country flag magnets also make a great way to display all of the countries and places that you’ve visited during your travels. Whether it’s your home country or one that you’ve visited while traveling, our country flag stickers are a great way to display it.

Our country flag stickers are available in custom sizes to fit your preferences. They can be applied to any metallic material and are perfect for application on cars. Vehicle application is very popular as an alternative to a sticker or decal as they can be more easily moved or removed. They’re made with durable, long-lasting material and print that can last for several years without becoming damaged.