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Anchor Stickers and Decals

We carry over a dozen unique designs for our selection of anchor stickers and decals! Personalize your own graphic to make it more unique at Car Stickers.

Anchor Stickers & Decals

Anchors have been used for thousands of years as a way to keep a boat from floating away or moving while moored. Many of the ancient anchors were simply large stones or bags full of stones. Bags full of sand were also a common way to anchor a boat. Theses anchors kept the boats from moving merely by their weight and the friction of the anchor and the seabed.

As advances of woodworking and metal work came along, new anchor designs were created which led to the common anchor design we have today. Today’s anchors use weight and a grappling design to hook and hold the boat in place rather than just relying on weight. If you are an avid sailor or know someone who is, an anchor is something very familiar. It certainly carries a lot of symbolism for many people.

Whether you’re a sailor yourself or perhaps have lost a loved one who was, then you may appreciate our anchor stickers and decals. They’re a great way to show your love of sailing or to remember a loved one who did. Many of our anchor sticker designs can be personalized with a name and other details. These anchor stickers and decals are made with high quality, waterproof material that can be applied to any clean, smooth surface.