Beaver Stickers

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Beaver Car Stickers and Decals

As one of the largest rodents on earth, beavers are fascinating creatures. Mostly known for their structural prowess in building dams, they are also very romantic in that they mate for life. Male beavers will begin building a dam to entice a female beaver who he will then stay with for the rest of his life. In many cases an entire family of beavers will live in a single dam together. They use their sharp teeth to cut and carve wood that they masterfully use to build their dam. Their dams can be quite massive as well – the largest known beaver dam stretches 850 meters deep!

Beavers have been known to be featured in many children’s movies and TV shows throughout the years. This is likely because many people find beavers to be so different than other animals which can come across as silly or goofy to us. Their long goofy-looking teeth certainly stand out and the fact that they never stop growing doesn’t help.

For those of you who are either fascinated by beavers or simply find them funny, we have several beaver vinyl decals and stickers styles that you can choose from. Simply select your favorite design and then personalize it with text or your own clip art before ordering online.