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Dove Stickers and Decals

Doves are elegant creatures that people absolutely adore! Take a look at our extensive selection of dove stickers and decals available in various designs.

Dove Car Stickers & Decals

Doves are one of the most well-known bird species and have been trained by humans for thousands of years. Their unrivaled ability to find their way home even across hundreds if not thousands of miles sets them apart from many other species. Doves are often confused with pigeons as they are from the same family but do exhibit certain differences in features.

One of the most amazing facts about doves is their seemingly endless endurance. They will beat their wings as fast as ten times per second while maintaining a heart rate of nearly 600 beats per minute and still manage to fly for up to 16 hours without any rest – that’s some incredible endurance. Doves are often featured or noted in religious texts and manuscripts, stories, theater, entertainment and other events.

Doves have been used throughout the millennia in hundreds of wars and have played a large part in communication before the 20th century. Today doves are often used in weddings and ceremonies or featured in logos and company products. They are certainly a popular bird and they also make up one of our most popular sticker categories - which is why we have over a dozen unique dove sticker and decal designs. Each of our dove stickers and decals for sale are made with high quality vinyl material that is perfect for outdoor or indoor use and won’t fade or fall off for years to come.