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Parakeet Stickers and Decals

Personalize your graphic with your pet's name or other custom text and color! Our parakeet silhouette vinyl stickers and decals are perfect for any bird lover.

Parakeet Car Stickers and Decals

A type of long-tailed parrot, the parakeet is common household pet in the United States and other countries. They’re very small birds but don’t let that fool you because they’re also very intelligent. In fact, parakeets can learn more words than any other type of parrot or bird – one parakeet even holds the world record for knowing the most words of any bird at 1700 words.

Parakeets are fun, playful and loyal birds and make for great indoor pets. If you’ve owned a pet parakeet you’ve likely developed an attachment or fondness of these beautiful birds. For those of you who have, you will likely find our parakeet silhouette vinyl stickers and decals for sale are a great way to show your love of your favorite parakeet. We have a number of different designs to choose from and they can be customized as needed.

Whether you’re looking for parakeet silhouette vinyl stickers and decals for a school project or as a way to honor your own pet parakeet, you’ve come to the right place. Each parakeet sticker can be personalized with your own message or text or purchased as they are. Our stickers and decals are made with high quality vinyl that is durable and weatherproof for long term use.