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Camel Stickers and Decals

We carry dozens of camel vinyl stickers and decals to choose from which can be customized to your preference. Shop quality stickers online today!

Camel Car Stickers and Decals

Camels are fascinating creatures, known mostly for their ability to go long periods of time without food or water and being able to brave the dry, sandy climate of deserts. While those of us in the United States might find camels to be pretty funny looking animals, they have some pretty cool abilities.

Camels are versatile in desert travel due to their many unique features. Their feet, for instance, feature two toes that are spread out to prevent them from sinking in the sand. They have multiple eye lids and eye lashes and furry ears to keep out the sand. They can drink up to 40 gallons of water at a time which is stored in their body so they can go without water while traveling long distances, running at speeds of up to 40 mph.

There are many reasons to like camels, either because of their rich history, their cool abilities or their funny features. For those of you who are fond of camels, we have a variety of camel vinyl stickers and decals to choose from when creating your sticker or car decal. You can then personalize your sticker with text or even your own clip art before ordering online.