Coyote Stickers

Witty and clever, coyotes are one of the coolest animals out there. Display these customizable vinyl coyote stickers and decals on your car or any surface.

Coyote Car Stickers and Decals

When they aren’t chasing after the road runner, coyotes can be pretty cool animals, despite being widely seen in a negative light. Coyotes are native to North American and play a big part in Native American culture and folklore, primarily pictured as being a wily trickster.

As a smaller sized canine, the coyote has learned to adapt in order to survive versus larger canines like wolves and cougars – or their biggest threat, humans. To avoid being found by hunters or other predators they will sometimes walk on their tip toes so as not to be heard. They can also smell a hunter from over a mile away. These features are what keep the coyote safe but are also the reason they get such a negative attitude toward them.

For those of you who appreciate coyotes as being the fascinating creatures they are, we have a number of awesome coyote stickers and decals for your car or home. Choose from several cool designs and customize as needed before ordering online.