Hippopotamus Stickers

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Hippopotamus Car Stickers and Decals

Hippopotamus may be a funny word that some might find difficult to say but hippos are quite intriguing creatures. Their name comes from the Ancient Greek word for “water horse”, likely due to their love of water. And, while they do have to come up for air every few minutes, they can spend long periods of time in the water, even sleeping under water while coming up for air when needed, all without waking.

An ancient creature, the hippopotamus has few relatives in the animal kingdom since diverging from the whale species millions of years ago. While some may find them to be funny creatures, they are commonly referenced as an “angry hippo”. This is because they are one of the most aggressive animals on earth and can be quite dangerous.

Whatever your reason for appreciating the monstrous hippopotamus, you will like our collection of hippopotamus stickers and decals. We have several artistic designs to choose from with popular options like the detailed angry hippo design. These hippopotamus stickers and decals can be personalized with your own message or text and we have dozens of colors to choose from. Choose your favorite design, customize and order online.