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Lobster Stickers and Decals

Do you crave lobster on a regular basis or do you just love these creatures? Browse through our selection of lobster stickers and decals on our website!

Lobster Car Stickers and Decals

Once considered a poor man’s food, lobster has become somewhat of a delicacy as popularity rose and availability declined. Lobsters are interesting sea creatures with powerful claws that can exert pressures of up to 100 lbs per square inch. They use their legs for tasting and chew with their stomachs. They are even known to eat other lobsters and they never stop growing throughout their lifespan.

Generally when one thinks of lobsters it’s as a tasty seafood meal but whether you find lobsters to simply be interesting creatures or you just really love eating lobster for dinner, you can appreciate our lobster stickers and decals. We have several cool lobster sticker designs that you can customize and personalize as desired.

All of our lobster stickers and decals are made with durable vinyl material that can withstand harsh temperatures and weather conditions. They can even be used on in freezers or surfaces known to get wet. The lobster stickers can be applied to any clean, smooth surface and will last for years without fading or falling off