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Lynx Stickers and Decals

Available in multiple colors, our lynx vinyl stickers and decals can be customized with text or clip art. Shop high-quality decals from Car Stickers today!

Lynx Car Stickers and Decals

An interesting and unique species of wild cat, the lynx has been frequently used in Greek, Norse and North American mythology as a creature able to reveal hidden truths. This is due to their extremely keen eyesight that allows them to detect a mouse that is over 200 feet away! They are easily identified by the black tuft of hair on the tips of their ears and their short bobbed tails.

While most lynx tend to hunt small animals and are somewhat small in comparison to other wild cats, they still fast, strong animals. They have been known to be featured as logos and mascots as their unique look and features often stand out. Our lynx stickers and decals are popular for many reasons as they feature cool, detailed designs and look great on cars and other vehicles.

Our lynx vinyl stickers and decals are made with long-lasting material that can be applied to any clean, smooth surface either indoors or outdoors. They are perfect as car decals and won’t damage your car paint or leave residue behind when removed. Each sticker or decal can be personalized with text or your own clip art.