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Scorpion Stickers and Decals

Watch out for that scorpion’s stinger! These cool scorpion car decals and stickers are made from waterproof material and are great for indoor and outdoor use.

Scorpion Car Stickers and Decals

While many people might find scorpions to be terrifying – due to their poisonous sting – they are actually quite fascinating creatures. Scorpions have been around for hundreds of millions of years and can survive almost anything. They also live longer than most insects or arthropods, living up to 25 years! And, while scorpions are often used to depict a fearsome foe, their survival skills are what really make them stand out.

Did you know scorpions can live a full year without food? They can also hold their breath underwater for 48 hours. Speaking of water, they can also live without water by just absorbing the moisture of the food they eat. So, while you may have been thinking of adding one of our awesome scorpion car decals because of their fearsome sting and cool look, they are also a symbol of survival and longevity.

Whatever your reason for admiring, or fearing, scorpions and their scary-looking tail, we have dozens of awesome scorpion sticker designs to choose from. You can customize your sticker or decal by adding your own text or even uploading custom clip art. All cool scorpion car decals and stickers are made with high quality material for both indoor and outdoor use.