Squirrel Stickers

Do you love squirrels? Check out these cute squirrel decals and stickers! Our bumper stickers are made with vinyl material for both indoor and outdoor use.

Squirrel Car Stickers and Decals

There are many reasons to love squirrels, particularly because they are just so darn cute. Today they are often seen scampering around city parks as they are able to coexist well with humans. That being said, before the nineteenth century squirrels were rarely seen in parks. That’s because before that time they had yet to be introduced to our parks.

Squirrels and some bird species were introduced to many of our metropolitan parks in the 1870s as a way to create “a bucolic atmosphere that was entertaining, enlightening, and salubrious.” Since then, most people have come to love squirrels and will often be more than willing to share food with them.

Squirrels aren’t just adorable, though; they also contribute to many new trees being planted as they often lose nuts that they’ve buried which results in the sprouting of new trees. There are certainly many reasons to love squirrels and if you happen to appreciate them as much as many of us do, then you’ll love our cute squirrel decals and stickers. Our squirrel bumper stickers will look great on any vehicle and we have dozens of designs to choose from. Once you’ve found your favorite squirrel sticker design, you can customize it with your own text or even add custom clip art before ordering online.