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Walrus Stickers and Decals

Car Stickers carries a wide selection of walrus silhouette vinyl stickers and decals! Choose from a variety of unique and customizable designs and styles.

Walrus Car Stickers and Decals

Definitely not an animal you see very often unless you live in Alaska, the walrus is a funny-looking marine animal that spends a large amount of its time in and out of water. They’re commonly known for their long tusks that continue to grow throughout their entire lifespan. Their tusks are actually their two front teeth and they use them to help climb out of the water.

Walruses used to be widely hunted for their ivory tusks and their blubber but laws now prohibit hunting them which has help their populations start to grow again. There are two subspecies of walruses, the Atlantic Walrus and the Pacific Walrus. And, while they may not be a very common marine animal, they have been sometimes features in cartoons and other forms of entertainment.

For those of you looking for walrus stickers or car decals, we have a number of different walrus sticker designs and styles available. Our walrus silhouette vinyl stickers and decals can all be customized and are perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. They are great as a car decal but can also be used for educational purposes or as decorations in your home. Select your preferred walrus silhouette vinyl stickers and decals and then customize using our online design tool.