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Wolf Stickers and Decals

Express your love for the wolf with our wild animal stickers! From vinyl paw prints to hand drawn styles, there are so many designs and styles to choose from.

Wolf Car Stickers and Decals

Recognized primarily for their chilling howl, wolves are also well known as the largest of the dog family. They are keen hunters and have incredible endurance – sometimes hunting prey all day and night. Another well known feature of wolves is that they hunt in packs, helping to take down larger prey that a single wolf would be unable to handle on its own.

One of the most notorious villains of fables and fairytales for hundreds of years, the grey wolf is very intelligent and sociable and has done little to warrant its terrifying reputation. But, while most wolves pose no threat to humans, they are strong, powerful hunters which is why they are often displayed as villains in stories or movies.

Nowadays, many people have come to respect wolves and find them to be symbol of strength and honor. Wolf vinyl stickers certainly look great as a car decal which is why they make up one of our most popular sticker categories. We have dozens of awesome, detailed wolf car decals and stickers available. Our wild animals stickers are perfect as a decal for your car or other vehicle and can be customized as desired.