Zebra Stickers

Car Stickers carry a variety of zebra vinyl stickers and decals that you'll absolutely love! Choose from dozens of fun and unique designs today.

Zebra Car Stickers and Decals

They may be similar to horses in many ways but zebras are definitely unique in their own way – most notably their dazzling stripes. The zebra’s stripes are certainly their most identifying feature and are unique to each individual zebra – they can even tell each other apart by their stripes. The stripes are thought to be a way of controlling their body temperature by reflecting heat off their bodies and also as a means of distracting predators.

Zebras are certainly elegant creatures and being that they aren’t very common in the U.S. they usually attract a lot of attention from those passing by. Most zebras in America are found in zoos but can also be owned as pets at farms around the country. But whether you own your own zebra or just find them to be beautiful creatures, we have several great zebra sticker designs available for you.

You can choose from any of our several zebra vinyl car stickers and decals and then customize it as needed. Our online design tool will allow you to personalize your zebra sticker or decals by adding text, changing the color and also choosing a size and material. Our zebra vinyl car stickers and decals are made with high quality, premium vinyl for long-lasting use and can be used both indoors and outdoors.