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3D Chrome Plated Stickers and Decals

Pimp your ride using our 3D chrome car stickers! These high quality car decals are raised and chrome plated to stand out more than a regular bumper sticker.

3D Chrome Plated Car Stickers and Decals

Want to pimp out your ride? If so, you’ll have to check out our awesome 3D chrome plated stickers. These are some of our most popular stickers and car decals that we have. They look great on any vehicle and we have a wide variety of styles and designs to choose from so there is something here for everyone. From butterflies to hand grenades and bear claws, there’s a chrome car sticker for every personality.

Make your ride look so much cooler with our chrome plated 3D car stickers and decals. Popular among the ladies, we have an awesome rose decal, a stylish butterfly decal and a couple other flower designs. Our tough guys out there will love the hand grenade decal but will also like the bear claw and biohazard chrome decals. Love surfing and hanging out at the beach? Then you’ll want to check out the chill flip flops and Shaka “hang loose” chrome decals.

We also have a few other awesome designs that everyone will love. This includes the American flag decal for of you patriots out there and, let’s not forget the super chill gecko and the peace sign which everyone can love. All chrome car decals are paint safe and can be applied to any smooth surface.