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Money Stickers & Decals

Find stickers for major currencies and moneys including digital (e.g. Bitcoin). Add to personal items or display accepted currencies in your business.

Currency Symbols & Money Stickers

No Matter who you are or where you are from - you use some type of currency to trade goods and services. Currency stickers and decals can be used for a variety of reasons. Currency in the most basic terms is money in any form that can be used as a medium of exchange. The first form of currency was a form of receipt used in Ancient Mesopotamia and Ancient Egypt. Today we have Coins, Paper Money, Banknotes, and even alternative, digital mediums of exchange known as Cryptocurrency.

There are a variety of currencies across the world that can be traded between nations in Foreign Exchange Markets such as U.S. Dollars, Euros, Rupee, and Yen. These types of currency are defined by governments. Currency can be used as legal tender in some places and in other places can be traded for economic value. Currency has also found its place in pop culture. Imagery and references to money can be found in music, tv shows, books, and more! In the U.S. 100 Dollar Bills have become known as "Benjamins" due to Benjamin Franklin being printed on the front of the bill. They are often referenced in pop culture due to the high value of the bill to represent success. Another form of currency that has important in pop culture is the various forms of CryptoCurrency like BitCoin and DogeCoin. These are images of coins that represent the coins that are being digitally traded.

You can place these currency stickers near your payment systems and cash registers to show customers what types of currency you accept. You can also create fun images with your face on a dollar bill! Many of our currency sticker designs can be personalized with a name and other details. These currency stickers and decals are made with high-quality, waterproof material that can be applied to any clean, smooth surface.