Lotus Flower Stickers

Want to display the beautiful and meaningful lotus flower on your car or window? Check out our unique lotus flower stickers and decals. Apply to any clean, smooth surface; customize with text or other art.

Lotus Flower Car Stickers & Decals

Commonly associated with rebirth, the beautiful lotus flower has been seen throughout history as a sacred flower. As the national flower of India, the flower has religious connections with Buddhism and Hinduism, typically symbolizing wealth, prosperity, and fertility. In Egypt, however, the lotus flower had a different meaning of sun, rebirth and creation due to the way the flower would bloom in the morning and close at night.

As an aquatic flower native to Asia and primarily found in China and India, you may not have had many opportunities to gaze upon this beautiful flower in the United States but many here still find it captivating and symbolic. Our lotus flower stickers and decals are often displayed for symbolic reasons but if you simply find them fascinating or beautiful, you may also enjoy displaying one.

Our lotus flower stickers and decals can be personalized with a message or saying to add additional meaning. Each sticker is made with premium vinyl material that can endure outdoor weather conditions without fading or becoming damaged. You can apply the lotus flower stickers and decals to any clean, smooth surface.