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Plumeria Flower Stickers and Decals

Celebrate tropical weather with our plumeria flower stickers and decals. We have over a dozen unique designs available, all of which can be customized.

Plumeria Flower Car Stickers & Decals

There are over 300 species of the tropical plumeria flower which is commonly seen in Hawaiian Leis. This simple yet beautiful flower can be found in tropical countries around the world and blooms from spring to fall. The many vibrant colors of the plumeria aren’t the only thing that makes it so popular – it is also cultivated for its fragrance which is strongest at night.

For the single ladies out there, in Hawaiian culture ladies will put a plumeria flower in their hair above their right ear to signify that they are single and looking. That is certainly the more charming use of the flower as there is also folklore that believes the plumeria flower shelters ghosts and demons. But, for most of us, we love the plumeria flower for its feeling of tropical weather, sunshine and good times.

You don’t have to be from Hawaii to appreciate the plumeria though. Order one of our many plumeria flower stickers and decals to share the feeling of tropical paradise. We have over a dozen different unique plumeria car decal designs available to choose from which can be customized or personalized as desired. Each sticker and decal is made for both indoor and outdoor use.