Butterfly Stickers & Decals

Capture the beauty and charm of butterflies with our selection of butterfly stickers and decals! We have over 300 unique designs to choose from.

Butterfly Car Stickers & Decals

Did you know that there are literally thousands of species of butterflies that have not yet been identified by scientists? And yet we still know of over 160,000 unique species. Butterflies aren’t just the most beautiful, diverse insect – or species - on earth but they are quite fascinating creatures as well. A little known fact about butterflies is that their wings are actually clear and the colors we see are simply reflections of light from the tiny crystals that cover their wings.

Many people see butterflies as a symbol of rebirth, a new beginning, or as a sign that something that is perceived to be ugly can transform into something beautiful. The process of metamorphosis, or the act by which a caterpillar changes into a butterfly, is truly one of the most remarkable occurrences in nature. There are certainly many reasons to love butterflies and to admire their beauty and uniqueness which is likely why our butterfly sticker category is one of our most popular.

We have hundreds of unique, creative butterfly sticker designs to choose from. Our butterfly car stickers and decals look great in the home, for education use, as decorations, or even as a car decal. You can also personalize or customize your butterfly sticker using our online design tool. Each sticker or decal is made with premium vinyl material that is both waterproof and weatherproof and can be used both indoors and outdoors.