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Faith & Religion Sticker Categories and Decals

Share your faith or beliefs with others using religion-themed stickers and decals - including Christian, Muslim, Jewish, religious symbols, and more.

Religious Stickers and Decals

If you have faith in your god or beliefs, you can show your support for those beliefs with our religious stickers. While there are hundreds of religions out there, we currently have stickers for the four most popular religions in the U.S. – Christian, Jewish, Muslim, and Buddhist stickers are all available.

One of our most popular religious stickers is the Ichthus fish stickers. Many Christians display the Ichthus fish symbol on their car or in their home to show they believe in Jesus. And, while the fish symbols religious correlation predates the Christian use, it is most commonly associated today with Christians’ belief in Jesus – which came about mainly due to the many disciples who were fishermen and the number of references to the word “fish” in the New Testament.

We also have a number of religious sayings and phrases as stickers and custom decals. Many of these are very popular as they disclaim the belief in God and love. If you are looking for something that you can’t find or want to upload your own religious symbol or image, you can create your own custom sticker online through our website.