Fire Exit Sign Stickers

Need fire exit signs for your commercial building? Check out our fire exit and refuge point sign car stickers available in custom sizes. Made with durable vinyl material that is waterproof and heat resistant.

Fire Exit Car Stickers & Decals

Office fires and fires in other commercial buildings are more common than many would like to believe. While fires are more likely to happen in a restaurant, caused by cooking, there is still an estimated 3,300 office fires each year. If you include all non-residential fires that number goes up to around 95,000 fires each year. That is why it is so important to have proper fire exit signage in your building to prevent unnecessary injury or death due to confusion during a fire.

If you are in need of fire exit signage or refuge point signs then you’ve come to the right place. Our fire exit sign stickers are easy to place throughout the office, restaurant or other commercial building. They can help individuals navigate safely out of the building in case of a fire or emergency. We also have a number of refuge point sign stickers to help guide disabled individuals to a safe place that they can wait for assistance if needed.

Our fire exit and refuge point stickers are each made with high quality, durable vinyl material that can be easily and securely placed on any clean, smooth surface. They are waterproof and weather resistant so you can use them both indoors and outdoors if needed. The stickers are available in custom sizes to fit your specific needs. Wholesale pricing is also available on bulk orders.