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Hockey Stickers and Decals

Searching for the best stickers for hockey players and hockey lovers? We have over 30 unique designs including customizable hockey team stickers and decals. Get yours online today!

Hockey Car Stickers & Decals

Hockey is one of the oldest sports that are still played today. Evidence of the sport being played goes back over 4,000 years and was played by the Egyptians, the Romans, Greeks and even the Aztecs. Hockey as we know it today originated in England during the 18th century and has since spread throughout the world.

In the United States hockey, while not as popular as football or baseball, has grown in popularity over the years. Currently there are over 500,000 registered hockey players in the U.S. with many more playing recreationally among friends. If you are a hockey player or have a passion for the sport then you’ll love our hockey stickers and decals.

We have a large variety of hockey themed stickers that any hockey lover can appreciate. There are also several team sticker designs that can be personalized by adding your team name, year, and other details as desired. All of our stickers are made with premium vinyl material that is waterproof and can be used both indoors and outdoors. The stickers will also hold up in severe temperatures, allowing you to use them on your hockey sticks if desired.