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Lacrosse Stickers and Decals

Searching for customizable lacrosse stickers or decals for your car? Find all the best lacrosse stickers here with over a dozen different designs to choose from.

Lacrosse Car Stickers & Decals

As one of the oldest team sports played in North America, lacrosse comes from a sport played by Native Americans hundreds of years ago. Evidence shows that it may have originated in what is now Canada and spread throughout what is now the United States. The original game was often played by hundreds, if not thousands, of tribesmen with distances between goal posts as far as six miles long.

The game was discovered by French colonists in Canada and was later greatly revised in 1856 to become what we now know as modern lacrosse. The game became very popular in Canada and during the 1860 lacrosse became the country's national sport. Today, lacrosse is still popular throughout North America and even around the world. It is played in hundreds of colleges and even in professional sports.

If you are a fan of lacrosse and are looking for lacrosse stickers or decals then you’ve come to the right place. We have over a dozen different lacrosse sticker designs available to choose from and each can be customized to fit your needs. If you’re on a team, we have several customizable team designs you can get to support your lacrosse team. The stickers and decals are made with premium vinyl that is perfect for any weather condition and can be used indoors and outdoors.