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Surfing Stickers and Decals

Do you love surfing? If so, check out our awesome collection of surfing stickers and car decals that every surfer will love. Custom size options are available and each is made with high quality vinyl.

Surfing Car Stickers & Decals

Riding waves is nothing new. Likely since humans first started swimming in the ocean did they begin enjoying the pleasure of riding waves, if only with their bodies and no boards. What we now recognize as surfing, though, utilizes a surf board that one stands on to catch and ride a wave. This form of surfing was invented by the Polynesians and traces back to Hawaii before first European contact with the islands.

In Hawaii, surfing wasn’t just a recreational activity but rather a part of their culture and even religion. Surfing was treated as more of an art form than a leisure activity. Though the sport has evolved over the years as it spread throughout the world, surfing has still maintained its own type of culture in many areas. Whether you’re an occasional or active surfer, if you enjoy surfing or feel a connection to the surfing culture then our surfing stickers and decals are perfect for you.

We have dozens of unique surfing related designs available to choose from, all of which are a great way to show your passion for surfing. Many of the designs can also be personalized using our online design tool to add your own message or text, other clip art, or just choose a preferred color and size. The stickers are waterproof and resistant to extreme weather. They can be applied to any clean, smooth surface for long lasting adhesion.