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Star Stickers and Decals

Assorted star stickers and decals, available in customizable colors, shapes, and sizes. Perfect for the wall or ceiling, your car, or for accessorizing.

Star Car Stickers and Decals

Stars are amazing and beautiful. There are billions of them in the galaxy and for thousands of years we’ve looked to the stars for inspiration, signs, direction and more. Stars are used in hundreds of country’s flags across the world. They are used as religious symbols – such as the Star of David. They are used on jerseys and uniforms and used to indicate rank in the military. There are many reasons to love stars, which is why we have an entire category dedicated to star stickers and car decals.

We have nearly a hundred different small and large star sticker designs and styles to select from. There are snowflakes with stars, patriotic stars, ninja throwing stars and much more. All of our star stickers and decals for cars are made of high quality vinyl and can be used for indoor or outdoor use. Many of our customers purchase our star stickers for use on their vehicle as an artistic and beautiful way to customize their ride.

There are also a number of star border stickers available. These are great for windows, windshields or running along the side of your vehicle. Tap into your creative side to find a design that will make your vehicle look like it was custom made.