Marijuana Leaf & Weed Stickers

Promote the legalization of pot or share your love of recreational marijuana with our collection of weed stickers. Hundreds of cool cannabis decals.

Marijuana & Pot Stickers and Decals

Browse through our multiple leaf designs! Our pre-made designs consist of images of the actual marijuana leaf as well as text sayings such as, “Got pot?”, and “Keep calm and smoke weed.” Showing support for both medical and recreational uses has become a lot more common and public! The topic is still somewhat controversial so buy your marijuana and pot stickers and decals today to show your support or vice versa!

Can’t find exactly what you’re looking for? Upload your own image and we’ll custom make that for you! Add any text or personal touches and customize it to your exact liking. All decals are made up of only high quality premium vinyl materials and will indefinitely last years indoor and outdoor as well as in all weather types.