Taurus Stickers

A Taurus is practical, pragmatic, steadfast, and dependable. Show off your sign with our huge collection of Taurus stickers, printed on high-quality vinyl and designed by artists from all over the world. Order your Taurus stickers today!

Taurus Zodiac and Astrology Car Stickers and Decals

A Taurus enjoys all the finer things life has to offer- good food and drink, quality objects, and luxurious experiences. That’s not to say they are extravagant, a Taurus knows the true value of things, and while they are happy to pay for quality, they appreciate the balance with something that will last the test of time and earn them back their investment. Astute business people, they are hard-working and determined but may be overly fixated in their way of doing things. They are slow to move but have great stamina once they get started. We offer Taurus stickers designed by artists from all over the world, proudly printed on high-quality vinyl.

All twelve zodiac signs are available with our high-quality vinyl stickers. Each is available as the Greek zodiac animal and the zodiac symbol depending on your preference. Our stickers are made to resist weather damage and won’t fade from high temperatures or be damaged by freezing cold. They are easy to apply and can also be easily removed without damaging car paint or leaving residue.