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Glenn's photograph of their Pterodactyl Dinosaur Sticker

Glenn's review of Pterodactyl Dinosaur Sticker

July 12, 2022

I sneaked one of these onto my friend's car who happens to be part pterodactyl. She noticed it prior to the first 24 hours and saw it with the backing paper still on - per the instructions - and I think she had her doubts. Upon seeing the fully installed artwork, I received the attached photo and she said, "This is actually f*cking sick!" I completely agree and just love the reflective white on her white car! I'm looking forward to more options in the future. I love that they can be created large enough to cover her windshield or hood! I wonder if it'd still be the same digit in the photo she sends me after that... Oh, and shipping was much quicker than I expected. Thanks!