Edward's photograph of their Marine Corps Force Reconnaissance Sticker

Edward's review of Marine Corps Force Reconnaissance Sticker

Oct. 31, 2023

Hi, They must have changed quality control, sad to see. Ordered the same sticker as before, but got something completely different. Attached is their comments and pics that they sent. Pretty much pound sand. I wouldn't by from this vet hating company again. See attatched..( and who uses the word ergo?) Hi Eddie, These are Kiss-cut style decals meaning the decal peels away from the outer border of vinyl. Ergo, when applied the border will be drastically thinner than pictured.  Thank you,  Customer Service Car Stickers, Inc 541.678.6132 On Mon, Oct 30, 2023 at 4:47 PM Eddie O'Keefe wrote: Hi,     You had awesome stickers, what changed? My first order# C631522, was perfect, and rode on my truck window with pride. I recently got a camper shell, so ordered some more stickers, and this is what I got order#C701681?? The outline is so thick that it wipes out the pathfinder flame on the top, may seem insignificant to you, but I earned it. It's important to me. I will not be using these, as they are an embarrassment.        Will you correct this, or am I just out of luck?    Thank you for your time, I'm hoping it was just an accident.  Eddie O'Keefe                  Sent from Samsung Galaxy smartphone.

Car Stickers Inc. Reply Hey Edward, I do apologize that there was an error with your order. I assure you we don't hate Veterans as the owner is a Veteran as well as myself. It looks like there was an error with the file on our server. We have corrected this and will be rushing a replacement out to you right away. This will be shipping today for us. If you have any questions please reach out and we will be happy to help.