Sarah's photograph of their Cute Mouse Sticker

Sarah's review of Cute Mouse Sticker

July 22, 2016

I had bought a small Fiat 500, and I was informed that in Italy the original Fiat 500 was thought to resemble a little mouse, and the "little mouse" in Italian is Topalino. So I wanted to make my little car - called "Mouse" unique - and I couldn't find any stickers, apart from Mickey and Minnie Mouse, until I spotted these on I am in the UK, and was thrilled when I saw I could have them sent to me here. The delivery cost was reasonable, and the speed they arrived was amazing - they were also well packaged, so no bending, or curling - they were perfect. They came with application instructions, and they look fab. One is on the boot, and the other internally on the glovebox/dash. Thanks so much. Sarah